Curt Wilson / April Ministry Update

(re)Starting Something New

The last 3 years have clearly been unprecedented!  There is no debating that fact.  In the last 3 months I have seen glimpses of a return to “normal”… perhaps it will be our new normal, or perhaps we are still on a journey to that point.Whatever the case I’m excited!  I’m excited to be working with camps, staff, and students to run our first in-person Chapter Camp since the Spring of 2019… 3 years ago!

There is a growing spiritual need and hunger among the college and university students we serve.  Chapter Camp provided a place for me when I, as a freshman, made the decision to join my chapter to study God’s word, hear God’s word be preached, build relationships with my classmates, and deepen my relationship with God himself.  It reset the trajectory of my life and has done so for tens of thousands of students since.

Seeing God change the lives of students is why I have been with InterVarsity for the past 20 years! Today this work is more important than ever.

Please partner with me and pray for students as they consider signing up and going to camp.  Here are just some of their current prayer requests:

“Pray that I am able to have an open mind and maximize the time at camp for reflection on my leadership, and how I can further my growth in leading. Pray that I grasp and take away many great things that I can utilizes in leading. And lastly for the Holy Spirit to guide my week and allow wisdom, knowledge, peace to flow so that I can be filled to the fullest of Christ. Thank you!”

“Pray that we can get as many people as possible to come, and that we make it there safely.”

“Pray that the financials can be figured out. Also pray that my heart will be ready and tender and open for the working and molding that I so desperately yearn for, and I hope can happen at this conference.”